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Writing and the Art of Healing: A Workshop for Women


Using automatic free-writing exercises, participants dialogue with their bodies and deepen their understanding of the memories stored in their bones. In this workshop, you'll connect with your creative core to encouragemeaning-making. You'll share your work with class members to give witness to the power of the written and spoken word’s capacity to foster healing. All forms of writing are welcomed. No prior writing experience is required.



What's Your Story?


Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s life experience is rich with meaning.  This writing workshop is based on the Guided Autobiography method developed by Dr. James Birren. It uses themes and priming questions to help you document the of your life. Each week, you’ll write a two-page story based on a specific theme and some writing prompts, then bring it to class to share with your supportive small group. This workshop is especially beneficial if you’re entering a new phase of your life or if you would like to capture your life story and share it with your family and friends. No prior writing experience is necessary.



Divine Feminine Workshops

Mary’s been an independent scholar of the Divine Feminine for over 30 years. In addition to self-study and research, she has participated in two Dark Mother study tours (Sicily in 2001 & Sardegna in 2004) guided by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, Ph.D., author of Black Madonnas, Dark Mother, and The Future Has an Ancient Heart. Mary’s Divine Feminine workshops are an interactive, pictorial adventure. Full of 100s of images of the female face of God, the information she presents arises from experiential research, on-site visits to archeological ruins, museums, and churches as well as her insatiable appetite for reading scholarly works on all aspects of women’s spirituality.

Reclaiming Our Mother: A three-part workshop on the Feminine Divine

Join Mary in a pictorial exploration of Paleolithic cave art and goddess figurines, Neolithic icons, and modern-day Black Madonna images. Trace the multi-millennial memory of the Sacred Female and uncover the roots of the primordial “Mother of Us All.” Humankind’s first deity was dark, female, and African. Who is this Feminine Face of the Divine? And what can contemporary society glean from her values of sharing, caring, justice with compassion, mercy, equality, and transformation?

Ancient Images/Modern Icons

Offered through the Art Students League of Denver, this three-part, hands-on workshop blends art-making with an overview of archeo-mythic sacred female images. Combining experiential lectures with art-making activities, it showcases 100,000+ years of images of the Sacred Female from cave art to modern icons. View sacred images. Create your own personal art, based on your experience of the Sacred She.

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